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Super-X Walking Foot

Super-X brings Super Stomper to the X-Swing design

Pushing the envelope of walking system technology, the Super-X Walking Foot combines Entro's patented X-Swing mechanism with their Super-Stomper walking foot to produce a walking system that's suited for the most demanding jobs in the world. The X-Swing design allows travel at any time in any direction - forward - backwards, left, right, diagonal, and spin - to create the most capable, easy-to-use walking system on the market. The Super-Stomper walking foot provides stable support, even in the worst conditions, keeping your rig moving even when others can't. By bringing these two systems together, the Super-X Walking Foot is ready for any challenge.


The Super-X Walking Foot can have longitudinal "X" travel up to 8 feet per step. The lift capacity can be up to 1.8 million pounds per foot in standard configurations, and more for special requirements. Multiple Super-X Walking Feet can be installed on a single structure. Entro's industry-leading control system can synchronously control several Super-X Walking Feet at once without burdening the operator.

Structural Options

Like its King-Pin cousin, the Super-X Walking Foot works best in Pony-Subs, but it can be used in a Pin-On configuration with the right approach. The long foot needs lots of space to move around in, but the tradeoff can be worth it.


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