Entro has been designing custom heavy haul rolling gear since 1997. We have experience with custom rolling gear both on and off the road. Entro-designed machinery is in operation in the Continental United States, Alaska, the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa. Entro has design history and technical knowledge for these applications, from icy tundra to sandy deserts, and from shop floors to off the road. Our experience and expertise covers this wide range of applications, surface conditions, duty cycles, and designs.

Our range of heavy haul wheel systems have capacities from 40,000 to 800,000 pounds per axles with total installed capacities in the millions. Allowable design loads and speeds depend on the application. Entro can assist you in determining the design loads for your application. Our axles and suspensions can be purchased individually, or deployed in a variety of our heavy haul configurations.


Entro designs and manufactures a variety of axles and suspensions to deliver high capacity and improved performance across a multitude of on-road and off-highway applications. Each of our axles and suspensions are custom designed to meet your requirements.


Whether you need to move a light load or extremely heavy cargo over difficult terrain, Entro has the gear to meet your needs. Entro hauling equipment comes in a variety of configurations, and our expertise ranges from designing pin-on equipment for retrofits to custom designing heavy haul jeeps and trailers. Entro equipment is designed and built to handle some of the most demanding applications.