Boosts operator efficiency, increases safety, and enhance flexibility.
Updated design and features
Custom Rig Design
Substructure and Trailers for Nabors Alaska Drilling Rig CDR3AC
Custom Jeeps and Suspensions for any application
King Pin Walking Foot
Entro Industries walking systems can be adapted to fit virtually any substructure
2.4 Million pound capacity
Heavy Haul Suspensions
Custom engineered solutions for the most demanding heavy haul applications
Capacities of up to 800,000 pounds per axle
Cost-effective solutions with continued on-site support
Structural fabrication. Mobile and industrial machinery. Mobile and industrial hydraulics. Spare parts and support
Efficiently mobilize land-based, box-on-box drilling rigs for hole-to-hole moves
Custom engineered. Low ground-bearing pressure. Wireless remote control
The King-Pin connection allows steering in any direction
Available with Autowalk in any height