Moves in any direction at any time.
Autowalk and Autolift standard
Boosts operator efficiency, increases safety, and enhance flexibility.
Updated design and features
Custom Rig Design
Substructure and Trailers for Nabors Alaska Drilling Rig CDR3AC
Custom Jeeps and Suspensions for any application
King Pin Walking Foot
Entro Industries walking systems can be adapted to fit virtually any substructure
2.4 Million pound capacity
Heavy Haul Suspensions
Custom engineered solutions for the most demanding heavy haul applications
Capacities of up to 800,000 pounds per axle
Cost-effective solutions with continued on-site support
Structural fabrication. Mobile and industrial machinery. Mobile and industrial hydraulics. Spare parts and support
Efficiently mobilize land-based, box-on-box drilling rigs for hole-to-hole moves
Custom engineered. Low ground-bearing pressure. Wireless remote control
The King-Pin connection allows steering in any direction
Available with Autowalk in any height

 OTC BOOTH #4629

Entro will be exhibiting at the 2024 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, from May 6th to May 9th.

Stop by our booth where we will be featuring new products, including the XT Trolley. Developed collaboratively with 3C Metals, the XT Trolley represents a significant advancementin offshore drilling equipment, offering durability, adaptability, maintenance efficiency, fail-safe operation, and user-friendly design. Its development underscores a commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency in offshore drilling operations.

"This system is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the unique challenges faced by the offshore energy industry."

Company background

As an experienced mechanical and structural engineer by trade, Harlan Smith founded Entro Industries in 1994. Having an extensive background in various industries, Harlan recognized a growing need for specific, simple solutions to complex mobilization problems. Since then, Entro has designed 250 moving rigs and built 200 of them. We’ve also been designing solutions to meet the needs of a variety of companies in a wide array of industries, including oil and gas, construction and aerospace.


Entro Industries designs custom solutions to large structure and specialty equipment moving projects around the world. We specialize in everything from heavy haul rolling gear and walking feet to custom hydraulics and control units. Our services are widely used in the oil and gas industry but can be applied to other situations in which a heavy load or large structure needs to be moved a short distance quickly, safely, and efficiently.


Each Entro design has its own advantages. Whether you are skidding, rolling, or walking a rig, we have specially-designed solutions for any project. We design heavy haul jeeps, trailers, and custom suspension to meet the requirements of any rig move. For smaller applications, our Hitchwheeler allows for large structure or heavy loads to be moved without requiring the use of large, expensive machinery. All of our custom-designed heavy haul rolling gear is adaptable to both on- and off-road applications, making it versatile and mobile in any environment around the world.


Our custom engineered walking systems are among the most sophisticated in the industry. For example, with our X-Swing walking system, we were able to engineer a more compact and agile walking foot with double the speed of previous walking systems without sacrificing total load capacity. As with all our King Pin walking systems, the feet do not rotate but still maintain 360-degree mobility, making structures less expensive and more versatile. All of our walking feet and hydraulic systems aim to be as adaptable as possible and can be custom engineered to fit special project requirements.


We also design custom pipe handling equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our specialty is mainly lift and infeed designs, but have plenty of experience in designing custom, automated systems for moving drilling tubulars in special circumstances, or for specific applications. These designs also carry our goal of enhancing the efficiency of an operation while keeping the crew safe.


Beyond just the initial design and manufacturing of our products, we also provide field services and assistance for custom drilling rigs around the world. From engineering support and field welding/machining to project management and crew training, we are dedicated to providing the service to ensure the long-term functionality of all of our equipment.

If your drilling rig, heavy haul, or specialty moving project would benefit from our 55 years of experience in custom hydraulic and heavy haul solutions, call our offices at (503) 356.8888 or email us at info@entro-eng.com.