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X-Swing Walking Foot

Make Your Rig Move Faster

The X-Swing is our most capable walking foot yet. Due to its extended travel stroke and expanded flexibility, it boasts double the walking speed and, as a result of the yaw restoration device, much higher capability of precision control over your rig.

Due to its sophisticated design, the X-Swing moves in any direction, at any time, and can change direction under load. AutoWalk and AutoLift with manual back up come standard, so precision control is easier than ever before and further reduces total move time.


The X-Swing was developed from our highly successful King-Pin walking foot. The king pin is offset, which enables our new travel scheme. A hydraulic cylinder is used to turn, or swing, about the king pin, even during longitudinal “X” travel movement. This new travel scheme is also what enables the long stroke X cylinders: these cylinders no longer have to turn perpendicular to the jack to achieve sideways travel.

The new travel mechanism comes with several new capabilities already mentioned: it can travel any direction, even with the load lifted; no more time lost to steering changes; and precision final alignment of the load is easier and faster than ever before because the operator doesn’t have to estimate the required steering angle.

New Deliveries

Entro X-Swing Walking system sales continue to increase. All of the systems built to date continue to work for our customers, and offer the most advanced, most reliable automated walking system produced anywhere in the world.

Controller Updates

The new design also necessitated a new controller scheme for AutoWalk and AutoLift. The ease of use of the new controller format allows the operator to pay more attention to the rig itself. This improves the safety of walking. Safer walking also means faster walking; most of total time walking can now be spent checking clearances, watching for hazards, and lifting of the load safely.


The X-Swing is available in our standard range of sizes, from 340 to 900 kips per jack. It is also extremely versatile in terms of its compatibility. It has an extensive array of customizable rig mounting options and a low total height and foot clearance to increase customizability to your drill rig. It is even fully compatible and interchangeable with the Entro King-Pin family.

The X-Swing can be mounted in our full line of options, including Pin-On, Pony-Sub, StrongBack, and Low Pro. Our Super Stomper foot is especially suited for the X-Swing as it allows for large, longitudinal stroke steps of more than 8 feet. Combining the Super Stomper with the X-Swing also provides a large surface contact area which decreases ground bearing pressure.


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