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Reciprocating Stomper Walking Foot

Basic, reliable operation

Most of the hydraulic walking systems that are available in the market today utilize a simple reciprocating stomper foot for the basic machinery. This design consists of a lift jack at corner of a rig or heavy load, with a foot that moves back and forth. The foot is manually rotated to allow the rig to be moved in different directions. For applications that are not limited in physical space, it is a well-proven design. Entro currently uses the basic concept on most of the smaller Sidekick walkers.

Entro employs patented designs that allow a rig to steer and spin while quickly recentering the foot at the conclusion of each step. Our designs mitigate potential overloads on the machinery that has caused similar machinery by other manufacturers to fail prematurely. A welcome byproduct is the enhanced durability of the machinery and years of maintenence-free operation.


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