Equipment Rebuilding


Entro Industries has been tasked with refurbishing old equipment from our customer's fleet. Many times customers will need to upgrade a walking system or adapt an existing system to a new or different rig. Many of our refurbished builds come from other manufactures equipment that the customer would like to have upgraded to include Entro walking system capabilities. Other systems are old and out dated and the customer may want to upgrade them to wireless controlled or power steering.

Refurbishing equipment often requires a significant change in design or fitment in order to adapt existing stock to a customers rig. Some integrated systems have been removed and converted to pin on systems and some pin on systems have been integrated into rigs such as in a box on box design. Refurbishing equipment can help companies salvage usable and expensive components from outdated systems to be integrated into new and improved systems. This can be a significant cost savings for a customer and often can reduce lead time for system delivery.

Entro has worked with customers to determine what usable equipment they have available and presented various options for fast and economical solutions. There are many steering and hydraulic upgrades available to make old systems more user friendly, faster and more efficient.

Entro Industries offers onsite training along with every system to properly train crews on system use, preventative maintenance and safety. Entro Industries also offers onsite management for overseeing the installation process of the new and or refurbished systems.