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Smaller Specialty Loads

Since 1994, Entro has been designing walking systems to move large structures, oil rigs, and other heavy loads. Entro has designed walking machines that have been used to move structures weighing in excess of 12 million pounds. In recent years, Entro has begun building smaller capacity walkers to move smaller loads that are still too heavy to move without specialized machines. In the oil field, mud tanks, support building and pipe machines can all be mobilized efficiently with these smaller walkers.

This series of small walkers includes many of the same features as our large machines. Different mounting styles and configurations are available depending on the load being moved. The walker structure can be integral to the main load, or it can pin on, making it removable for transport. Either way, these walkers are small enough to handle with small forklifts.

The Entro Sidekick walking system is both safe and easy to use for lighter loads. It is fully assembled and tested prior to shipping so that it is safe and reliable immediately after set up. With a fast cycle and simple controls, Sidekick walkers are efficient and easy to use.


The Sidekick walker has been used for walking individual backyard modules, catwalks, and the mud tanks of drilling rigs. At construction sites, ports, or fabrication facilities, Sidekicks can be used to move unique loads where traditional methods would be cost prohibitive.

Per ton lifted, the Sidekick walking machinery is much cheaper than self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) or other custom trailers. They are particularly useful when the use of an entire SPMT fleet would be excessive for a simple, on-site move. Sidekicks can also be used in conjunction with SPMTs as an upgraded toe jack in place of a crane. While the SPMTs are used over the road, Sidekicks can be used for final on-site placement instead of a crane.

Sidekicks are also suited for moving bulk material handling equipment short distances. Sidekicks, or full-size walking systems if loads require it, can replace a full set of rails or skidding gear, but maintain the same travel speed required.

Sidekicks are available in lift capacity sizes from 25,000 to 100,000 pounds per jack. Typical Sidekick walking systems have a total capacity of 50 to 200 tons, but can be customized to lift more if needed.

Options and Features for the Entro Sidekick

  • Hydraulic hose kits labeled with quick disconnects and interchangeable between all systems
  • Customizable upon customer request


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