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King-Pin Walking Foot [patented]


Installed on hundreds of drilling rigs, Entro Industries’ King-Pin walkers set the industry standard in reliability and quality. The King-Pin walker will last as long as the rig. It also allows the travel cylinders to be steered in any direction without rotating the foot. Using a roller causes less wear on the machinery, since rolling causes much less friction than skidding. The walking foot also utilizes spring-loaded roller alignment guide bars which help ensure precise movement, overload protection and equipment longevity. Furthermore, a yaw restoration device maintains foot alignment to the structure, even when rotating the rig in place.


Entro King-Pin walking feet are uniquely suited to drilling rigs or other large structures where conventional walking feet are difficult or impossible to fit, since it is well-suited to integration into the substructure of a rig. The patented design allows a large-sized foot to be placed in confined areas while still allowing the rig to move in any direction. In addition to straight walking in any direction, the King-Pin walker is easily capable of rotating the rig in place.

Control Options

The King-Pin walker is available with manual-only control, wireless control, or AutoWalk and AutoLift.

In manual and wireless control, a ratchet is used to adjust steering to move the Entro King-Pin in any direction. The steering gear mechanically locks in the desired steering angle, lending both stability and mobility to your rig move. Wireless control gives the operator mobility for a better view of the situation.

With AutoWalk and AutoLift, all functions of the walker are automatically and remotely controlled. This increases the safety of operation, since no one has to get near the system to make steering changes. Further, this increases walking speed dramatically since steering, lifting, and traveling are automated in a coordinated fashion.


The King-Pin walker is available in our standard range of sizes from 340 to 900 kips per jack. It can be mounted on our full line of options, including the Pin-On, Pony-Sub, StrongBack, and Low Pro structures. As with all of our equipment, we are happy to customize the walker and the support structure to meet your needs and your projects. Because of its popularity, the King-Pin walker has been customized for a wide range of drilling rigs.


This product may be protected by patents and applications. Please refer to the following: https://entro-eng.com/about/patents/