Heavy Haul
Axles and Suspensions
Heavy Haul Configurations
Heavy Haul Dolly

Move Heavy Loads with Standard Vehicles

Entro Heavy Haul Dollies use minimal framing around one or more of our axles for use as a load dolly for a variety of applications, from over-the-road transportation of self-supporting structures to in-shop handling in heavy industrial manufacturing. Frame options include highway, platform, low profile and roller versions. They can be used in fixed suspension or active lift configurations. The active lift is achieved either with hydraulic or air systems. Air systems are configured to use standard highway truck air connections.

In the oil and gas industry, our heavy haul dollies are typically used for over the road and off the road transportation of rig masts, pipe machines, skid mounted backyard equipment.

Dollies which utilize our roller chain load skates are also available. This arrangement allows for very high capacities on smooth floors.


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