Infrastructure, Civil, Marine, and Heavy Construction


Heavy construction projects are dependent on the quick and efficient transport of massive structures and modules. Infrastructure upgrades, marine fabrication, petrochemical plants, and large civil projects all have large structures that have to be moved.

As an example, Accelerated Bridge Construction, or ABC, has become commonplace. ABC uses innovative planning, design, materials, and construction methods safely and cost-effectively to reduce the on-site construction time when building or replacing bridges. Major components are often made off-site and then shipped and installed on-site. Minimizing the installation time on-site reduces both the project cost and impact on the public.

Traditionally, when modules are too heavy to move on tires economically, people have used skid systems. Jack and skid systems use sets of jacks and a track system to either drag or push a load in a predetermined direction. The primary drawback to skid systems is that the track limits the ability to change direction, In order to do so, skid systems must be completely disassembled, then reassembled in a new configuration, wasting valuable time.

Walking Systems

Walking systems have the load capacity of a skid system, but operate without the limiting track. Walking systems are an excellent solution for moves that require ease of maneuverability due to their ability to move in any direction and spin in place about any point on the ground. 1,800-ton moves can be easily accomplished with less than two truckloads of equipment, reducing mobilization costs for complicated moves. Modular construction allows a walking system to have any number of feet. Entro walking systems feature proprietary Autolift and Autowalk functions that allow for synchronous lifting. Walkers can be permanently integrated into machinery such as drilling rigs and cranes that are custom-designed for a specific application.

Jacking Systems

Jacking systems are an integral part of all of the walking systems that Entro produces.

Roller Chain Load Skates

Entro roller chain load skates are an integral part of our walking system machinery. They are part of the reason we can achieve high capacity in a small footprint. Our skates are highly customizable and can be designed to meet specific needs on a project by project basis. Our experience and improved design allow us to build high capacity skates for large structures such as retractable stadium roofs, bridge spans, cantilever decks, and moving platforms.

Custom Heavy Haul

Entro custom heavy haul trailers provide innovative solutions for off-the-road and over-the-road moves. We have been designing heavy haul suspensions, trailers, and jeeps for 25 years. Our heavy haul equipment has proven itself in some of the world's harshest environments.

All of our products are customizable and can be engineered to fit your load and job