Material Handling
pipe handling
Drill Pipe Handling

Reduce Risk, Increase Efficiency

Efficient and safe handling of drill pipe is a fundamental capability required for oil well drilling. Entro designs custom drill pipe handling equipment, both for traditional and specialty applications. Entro's portfolio of designs include pipe skate machines, elevators, powered baskets, racks, cranes, infeed arms, scissor lifts, v-doors, linear lifts, and safety stops. With years of design expertise, Entro can design other mechanisms for pipe and other material handling.

Entro's pipe handling equipment can be integrated into existing rigs, pipe handling systems, and pipe houses, or built into a new, custom rigs.

Keeping Oilfield Workers Safe

Safety is a major concern in pipe handling applications due to the inherent danger of moving heavy pipe quickly. Pipe related accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the oil field. All of Entro's pipe equipment is engineered with safety in mind from the start. Pipe stops, control interlocks, color-coded safety tools, and physical lockout mechanisms for maintenance are always standard. All hydraulic machinery includes load holding counterbalance and relief valves to prevent uncontrolled motion.

Sometimes the solution to safety hazards is to keep the worker away from the pipe. Automated, hydraulic machinery placed the operator a safe distance from the moving pipe, while maintaining control. Entro works with the customer on identifying the best location for control consoles for visibility, safety, and ergonomics. Wireless controls are available for all machinery.

Equipment for any System

Entro has pipe handling equipment installed in specialty, trailer-mounted pipe houses for use on the North Slope of Alaska. Custom Drilling Rigs by Entro include pipe handling solutions. Sidekick walkers can be added to pipe and catwalk machines for mobility, especially use with Inquire about engineering feasibility studies for your pipe handling system, room, or rig.


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