Efficient, safe, and cost-effective

The mining industry has made tremendous strides since the industrial revolution, spurred by innovations in machinery and processes. As the need for raw material increased, the challenges faced by the industry became more complex, which in turn drove the demand for advanced machinery and efficient processes.

Rock drills, haul trucks, loaders, feeders, conveyors, crushers, excavators, surface miners, draglines, ore stackers, bucket wheel excavators, and ship loaders all have one thing in common: they have become more significant over time.

Traditionally, most manufacturers have used tires or tracked undercarriages to allow many of these massive machines to move on site. While tires move vehicles quickly over long distances, tracked machines are an excellent way to move slower equipment on softer unprepared ground. When a machine needs the ability to move continuously, a tracked undercarriage is an excellent option. The primary drawbacks to tracked undercarriages are initial cost and maintenance costs.

Walking draglines are the most notable exception to the tracked undercarriage. Walking draglines have large walking feet to move forward and back, and use a large slewing ring to pivot while operating, which steers the unit while it moves. Some machines do not need to move continuously. Mobile crushers may move short distances, then sit and operate in a single location for some time, or they may only need to move once in a while for maintenance. Similarly, conveyor systems may move, then operate in a single location. Many of these machines can benefit from more cost-effective moving solutions.

Entro Modern Walking Systems

Entro's modern walking systems use hydraulic cylinders to lift, travel, and lower the machine. The walkers can go lengthwise, straight sideways, spin in place, turn, or move in any desired direction. They allow the machinery to be built with an inexpensive undercarriage with more capability than the tracks that it replaces. Coupled with Entro's Autowalk and AutoLift technology, the walking systems are run remotely on an automated cycle. This technology drastically increases the safety of operation, as well as the walking system's speed, since steering, lifting, and traveling are all implemented in an efficient, coordinated fashion. Walking machinery can be designed as an integral part of a large piece of equipment, or can operate as a stand-alone machine that either pins to or lifts a structure from underneath.

Roller Chain Load Skates

Our walking systems get part of their high load ability from our roller chain load skates. The roller chain load skates are used extensively throughout Entro's family of walking systems, where they serve as the primary load-bearing device. The universal design is used in construction, oil and gas, heavy machinery, and nearly any other industry where heavy loads must be moved smoothly and cost-effectively. Entro standard load skates are available in a variety of configurations, and can be custom engineered to meet almost any design challenge: unique guidance systems, custom flexible and rocking mounts, and special materials for tough conditions to name a few.

Custom Suspensions

Entro manufactures heavy haul axles and suspensions for both off-the-road and on-the-road applications.

Our highest capacity axles can move millions of pounds in a single module, with individual axle ratings of up to 800,000 pounds per axle. Many of Entro's large suspensions work integrally with custom trailers to become mobile platforms supporting heavy industrial applications that require large but mobile integrated machinery.