Power Generation

Versatile, High Capacity, and Small Footprint

The power generation industry faces unique challenges in moving and installing equipment to support the demand for cheap power. Remote installation locations and less-than-deal install conditions combine to pose significant hurdles for operators to overcome.

Nuclear, coal, natural gas, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and power transmission industries all have different requirements and constraints. Critical elements of nuclear and conventional power plants are often fabricated remotely and brought on site for final installation. Turbine components for wind farms and hydroelectric power plants go to remote and challenging install locations. In other projects, large fabrications are completed on-site and then installed into the final position with equipment. Nuclear waste is transported in casks to storage locations, and it is of utmost importance that these casks are handled with care.

One common factor for all of these industries is that much of the equipment is too heavy to be installed without specialized lifting and moving equipment.

Roller Chain Load Skates

Our inexpensive rollers are well suited to the construction and rigging markets, where once a piece of equipment is installed, the roller is taken and used in the next project. Our skates are highly customized to meet specific needs on a project by project basis. Our experience and improved design allow us to build high capacity roller skates for the movement of transformers, turbines, engines, generators, nuclear reactors, and casks. The low friction characteristics allow precise, controlled moves without the stick-slip inherent to skid systems.

Walking Systems

Walking systems have the load capacity of a skid system, but operate without the limiting track. Walking systems are an excellent solution for moves that require ease of maneuverability due to their ability to move in any direction and spin in place about any point on the ground. 1,800-ton moves can be easily accomplished with less than two truckloads of equipment, reducing mobilization costs for complicated movements.

Modular construction allows a walking system to have any number of feet. Entro walking systems feature proprietary Autolift and Autowalk functions that will enable synchronous lifting and wireless remote control of the load, increasing safety during operation. Walkers can be integrated permanently into drilling rigs and cranes that are custom-designed for a specific application.

Custom Heavy Haul

For off-the-road and over-the-road moves, Entro heavy haul trailers are an excellent solution. We have been designing custom heavy haul suspensions, trailers, and jeeps for 25 years. Our heavy haul equipment has proven itself in some of the harshest environments in the world. Specialty suspensions, dollies, and self-propelled transporters can be custom designed to fit any application.