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Pin-On Gooseneck

The Entro Pin-On Gooseneck is the perfect way to mount our high capacity axles to large structures, especially when retrofitting. This mounting configuration is custom designed to fit any structure, typically connecting at the ends of the structure. This allows minimal impact on the overall design of the structure, all while maximizing the space for large axles and tires. Furthermore, they are removable, which allows for versatility in the overall transportation plan. The original function of the structure or heavy machinery, once transported, doesn't have to work around the large wheels.

This design is compatible with all of our axle and suspension styles. Other options include tow bars, steering arms, steering cylinders, king pin steering plates, base mounted jacks, box-in-box suspensions, structural support struts, and With the right arrangement, our Pin-On Gooseneck can be installed on the parent structure without the use of a crane.

Pin-On Goosenecks can share pin arrangements with our Pin-On Walking Systems. With this arrangement, a walking system can be used on site, and a wheel system for site to site transportation.


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