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Super Stomper Walking Foot

Walk on a Swamp

The Super Stomper allows multiple jack cylinders to operate over a single large walking foot which allows the rig to walk at much lower ground-bearing pressures than competing designs. The Super Stomper allows the rig to operate over soft ground while still allowing the rig to move in any direction. The Super Stomper was developed for some of the most challenging sites in the world.

As an upgrade to the King-Pin or X-Swing, the Super Stomper utilizes Entro's proven machinery. No features are lost; the rig can still move in any direction, spin about a point, and use AutoWalk and AutoLift.

Mounted under X-Swing machinery, the Super Stomper can employ a much longer longitudinal “X” travel stroke of up to 8 feet per step. It also maintains its ability to move directly sideways the regular amount.

Structural Options

The Super Stomper is best suited for Pony-Sub mounting due to its length. However, with the right approach, it can be adapted to Pin-On designs as well.


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