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Featuring Entro Heavy Haul Suspensions

Entro Heavy Haul trailers are more than just standard highway trailers. Our trailers are custom engineered for the heaviest loads in the world, both off-the-road and over-the-road. Entro’s trailers are used in the oil field for catwalk buildings, mud tanks, generator modules, pipe houses, boiler buildings, service buildings, masts, and even the drilling rig itself. They are used in pad-to-pad as well as hole-to-hole moves. They range in capacity from 250,000 pounds to multi-millions of pounds. Outside the oil field, Entro trailers have been used for specialty loads. They can be used for any specialty large structure that needs to be mobile.


Our trailers feature our dead-axles heavy haul suspensions, in both low and high unit beam configurations, as well as boosters. They typically have hydraulic active lift, including hydraulic landing gear, although fixed versions are possible. Another common feature is hydraulic steering: see Nabors CDR3 for example.

Our trailers can also utilize our hydrostatic drive axles for extra tractive effort.

Individual axles are rated for capacities from 100,000 to 800,000 pounds, both dead and driven axles. Their supporting structure is custom engineered for the specific application, so specific design requirements can be integrated into the design. Support modules can be directly built into the trailer for ease of assembly, installation, and handling in the field.

Additional Options

Tire pressure monitoring systems are available as an option, and are recommended. Wireless controllers for the hydraulic systems, brakes, and hydraulic drives are an option. We use custom heavy duty, extreme service tires as standard for the best life and load rating.


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