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Strongback Walkers

Move Your Rig As-Is

Entro StrongBack walkers are specialized Pony-Sub Walkers designed to be used with single piece substructures with above ground completions. The StrongBack allows the substructure to walk with full set back and the water and mud tanks with fluids in the tanks. This allows movement without requiring rig-down.

The StrongBack utilizes beams and cantilever platforms to balance loads on both sides of the rig while maintaining completion clearance in the rig cellar. It is ideally suited to upgrade an existing single piece substructure for walking.

Requiring no cranes or rig modification, the StrongBack is easy to install on any drilling machine or large structure. It also has low ground-bearing pressure at the feet, as well as hydraulic hoses and piping that are factory assembled, labeled and tested with quick disconnects at the console for crew safety during walking operations.

Like all Entro structural mounting styles, the StrongBack walking system can mount our full range of walking systems, including the King-Pin and X-Swing. Thus, you can pick the features you want. All Entro walkers move in any direction and spin in place to make any drill rig more mobile.

Adapted for the Backyard

StrongBack Pony-Subs have also been adapted to support the entire backyard. This second set of StrongBack frames can be pinned to the main walker, which means the entire rig and backyard can be walked together with no risk of broken connections. This is accomplished by combining and customizing platforms, beams or cantilever supports to create a stable tabletop on which the entire backyard can be placed unmodified. Any modifications made would be to save on the cost of the platform.


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