Oil and Gas

Versatile, High Capacity, and Small Footprint

In 1859, Edwin Drake drilled the first modern oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Thus began the industrial revolution. Since those early days of oil drilling, the oil and gas industry has gone from a simple "stick a well in the ground" approach to a much more sophisticated industry that provides economical energy to power the globe. As the world's thirst for cheap energy increases, the oil sector continues to evolve to fulfill demand. This demand has driven oil exploration to all corners of the earth. Along with it, has come the need for special machinery for the arctic, the desert, the ocean, and everything in between.

Entro has been providing custom solutions for the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. As projects have grown larger, the size of the equipment has grown as well. Entro has continued to innovate in this challenging arena.

Entro Moves Rigs

Moving heavy structures and loads is our business, and the oil and gas industry has plenty of them.

Now that one pad site can have dozens of wells, the drilling rig does not need to move far to start the next well. Entro Walking Systems allow the rig to be moved quickly from well to well with the entire rig intact. Walking systems are also able to move the entire backyard along with the rig, moving from release to spud in as little as 20 minutes on specialty rigs. Since Entro designed our first walker in 1999, we have mobilized over 250 drilling rigs all over the world. Our King Pin and X-Swing walkers have individual jack capacities of up to 900,000 pounds, and we have designed systems with total lifting capacities in excess of 12 million pounds (6,000 Tons). No matter the size or weight, our systems can move it.

Heavy Haul Suspensions

For site to site moves, Entro has heavy haul axles and suspensions that have capabilities for both off-the-road and over-the-road. With higher, off-the-road capacities, large sections or even the entire rig can be moved without disassembly.

Entro has designed heavy haul suspension systems with capacities in excess of 4 million pounds to move large modules on tires. Entro moving systems can be built directly into a rig or as a removable piece of equipment. Our ability to provide custom machinery, centered around the customer's requirements, allow us to provide economical solutions for some of the world's largest projects.

Pipe Handling and Hydraulics

Entro has a wide selection of pipe handling equipment and other, fully customized hydraulic equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our pipe handling solutions are custom designed for difficult applications. Entro's experience with hydraulics, fabrication, custom manufacturing, and mechanical engineering give us an advantage in design of the latest in drilling technology. Our hydraulic machinery expertise applies to pipe handling systems and other hydraulically powered support equipment. Custom control consoles and hydraulic power units are part of a complete, turn key system.


Entro's jacking systems, skidding systems, and "roller chain load skates" have several important application for offshore oil and gas. Our roller chain load skates are available in extra large capacities for drilling rig cantilevered floors. Jacking and skidding systems are used to position the floor for drilling each well. Roller chain load skates are also used when launching large offshore modules.