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Roller Chain Load Skates

Heavy-duty roller-bearings for the most demanding applications


Entro Industries' Roller Chain Load Skates are designed to move big loads in tight spaces. The recirculating chain-action design allows a load to spread out over many rollers, making a high-capacity skate in a small size. These high-capacity bearings can be used in places where large wheels won't fit, and provide similar load-carrying capability to skidding systems but with much lower friction and smooth rolling motion.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to other load moving systems, roller chain load skates provide some of the lowest cost per ton moved. Their high load density, small size, and easy maintenance make them attractive for projects where cost is a main objective. The mechanism is very forgiving - no tight tolerance roller bearings or bushings to lubricate, no bolts to torque, and no tires to inflate. The recirculating chain mechanism is engineered to be tough and hold up in adverse conditions.

A Workhorse Product

Roller chain load skates have been used in applications ranging from overhead cranes to bridge erection. The ubiquitous design is used in construction, oil and gas, heavy machinery, and nearly any other industry where heavy loads must be moved smoothly and cost-effectively. The roller chain load skates are used extensively throughout Entro's own family of Walking Systems, where they serve as the primary load bearing in the system. The vast number of options, both standard and custom, allow Entro's roller chain load skates to be at home in almost any design.


Entro's Roller Chain Load Skates are available in many shapes and sizes. The load skates are available with different sizes of rollers, different numbers of rollers, different numbers of chains, and different mounting options, all standard. Optional end plates allow additional mounting options, or guide accessories to be added to the load skate.


The load skates can be custom-engineered to meet almost any design challenge: special guidance systems to fit specific runway beams, custom flexible and rocking mounts, special materials for difficult environments - just to name a few. Contact Entro Industries to speak with a technical representative to configure a roller chain load skate to meet your needs.


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