Versatile, High Capacity, and Small Footprint

The Aerospace industry supports modern life in ways that we all take for granted. Airplanes allow us to travel farther in a day than most people used to travel in a lifetime. Helicopters can provide emergency transport to take injured or sick people to hospitals. Rockets allow us to place telecommunications satellites in orbit, allowing instant communications with people anywhere in the world. And yet there is an entire industry that works in the background to make these fantastic machines a reality.

Handling equipment must be designed to protect large and expensive parts while they are being moved between different manufacturing stages. Entro builds custom designed and engineered material handling equipment. Custom material handling lifts, elevators, roller chain load skates, trailers, and transporters allow the manufacturer to optimize the fabrication of these costly machines.


See the press release about our latest aerospace project–the NASA Space Launch System Transporter.