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Autowalk and Autolift

Custom Automated Oil Rig and Heavy Materials Walking System

By bringing industrial automation to our King-Pin custom-designed control and hydraulic walking foot family, the Autowalk and Autolift control system boosts operator efficiency, increases safety, and enhances flexibility while walking oil rigs or other large structures.

Autowalk and Autolift do it all

Hold the joystick in the direction you want to go and Autowalk does the rest. Our patented control system coordinates jacking, traveling, and steering the oil rig.

Autowalk and Autolift automated walking systems improve the operator safety, efficiency, and precision of drilling rig moves using control and hydraulic solutions. A wireless controller and a robust, fault-tolerant system keep the operator out of harm's way when walking heavy loads.

Benefits of Automation

In almost all walking systems, the walking cycle consists of four phases. In phase 1 (the lifting phase), the rig is lifted off of the rig mat onto rollers or skids. In phase 2 (the traveling phase), the rig is rolled or skidded over the walking feet. In phase 3 (the lowering phase), the rig is lowered back onto the rig mat and the feet are usually lifted off of the rig mat. In phase 4 (the resetting phase), the foot is pushed ahead of the rig (like putting your foot in front of you to walk). Without automation, workers act as spotters to coordinate with the operator on every phase of the cycle.

In an automated system, every phase can be faster and safer. Since the rig is automatically lifted to the correct height, spotters don’t get too focused on the feet and can watch out for unexpected snags during traveling. Automation allows the walking cycle to go from phase to phase instantly, instead of requiring the operator to wait for confirmation from each spotter that all the feet are ready to go. Lifting and lowering are consistent, meaning that no time is lost lifting a foot or the rig too high off the mats. With Entro Industries’ patented AutoWalk system, the operator can interrupt the cycle at any time to adjust the cycle and get right back to walking without reprogramming the system.

Entro Industries’ AutoWalk system allows a rig to spin about any point on the ground, which can be a huge help for slant-hole rigs that have to adjust the azimuth of the rig at each well. Spinning about a point can also be useful when trying to align and pin different modules; an operator can set the center point in between the pins and make minor tweaks easily. A wireless control with on-board load sensing makes getting rig weights virtually instantaneous.

Always Has Manual Backup

Even with all the automation, Entro Industries still builds walking systems as manual machines first, with automatic features as an add-on. This means the automation simply adds new features without compromising the reliability of a proven design. For example, the Entro Industries’ King-Pin walking foot is a proven manual walking machine, but AutoWalk and AutoLift extend its capabilities and improve safety and speed.

AutoWalk and AutoLift are available for King-Pin, CompacJac, and X-Swing walking system feet.


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