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Pin-On Walkers

Versatility and Compatibility

Entro Pin-On Walkers take any of our walker designs and mount them inside of a customized jack frame. These jack frames are individually designed to fit the customer’s drilling rig or other load. The two primary types of jack frames are those that pin on the outside of the substructure and those that pin on the inside of the substructure. They commonly feature support struts from the jack frames to the drill floor to minimize bending loads in the substructure. They also frequently utilize horizontal struts to minimize the effect of side loading. However, typical rig-up struts can take the place of these horizontal struts.

In this way, Entro Pin-On walkers can be designed to fit virtually any land drilling rig substructure. They are primarily suited to moving a substructure with umbilical connections back to the rig utilities.

Entro conducts field surveys and completes structural analysis on a rig as required to expertly engineer each system to suit specific situations and oil rig requirements. Using our patented designs, Entro can customize the size and shape of the walking feet to fit them to your existing rig. Entro can also provide full field installation and startup technicians.

Owing to their job-by-job customization, Pin-On walkers can field any of our walkers, the Sidekick, the King-Pin, and the X-Swing. As such, anywhere you can put a Pin-On, you can get the walker you want. Pony-Sub walkers are also variable, but are much larger than the equivalent Pin-On frames. Because it is so small, the CompacJac is a great candidate for a Pin-On frame. It is easily integrated into a variety of structures and super heavy loads.

In addition to the customization, Pin-On walkers are the best option when easy handling is required. A Pin-On walker can be unpinned for shipping, or to use on another load. For example, one Pin-On walker can support a fleet of drilling rigs. Shipping skids for the walking feet are also available.

Pin-On walkers come with hydraulic disconnects for easy installation and easy demounting. Entro can design the hydraulic package to suit your requirements. Broken hose protection, counterbalance valves and free flow check valves are standard on our equipment, but these are especially good for equipment that is demounted frequently.



The 4J2400KP Ideal® walking system is designed to efficiently mobilize NOV Ideal rigs for hole-to-hole moves. The Entro system fits large walking feet into the Ideal rig substructure and still maintains the ability to move in any direction. For example, the King-Pin foot allows the operator to steer the rig in any direction, as well as spin in a circle about a single point.

These Pin-On walkers are also incredibly easy to use for specialty drilling rig moves. A common approach is to install the mud boat on top of the rig substructure so that it can be walked. The mud boat can be installed without a crane; custom mud boat lifts are available and are customizable. The King-Pin walker comes standard with a wireless remote, wireless backup remote, and a manual backup with simple controls that don't require a PLC. AutoWalk and AutoLift are also available, and have been successfully installed on dozens of NOV Ideal rigs.

With 6'0" well head clearance under the mud boat, shipping skids that can accommodate all walker components, and system customization at customer request, the 4J2400KP Ideal walking system is designed to be an adaptable hydraulic solution to every NOV Ideal oil rig move.

Both styles of Pin-On jack frames have been adapted to the NOV Ideal rig: those outside the substructure, usually featuring support struts, and those inside the substructure. If clearances are tight, look into the CompacJac walking foot.

For the Backyard

If you’re walking the rig, why not walk the backyard? Entro’s Sidekick walker is well-suited for walking any size backyard module for the Ideal rig. Walking backyard modules further minimize total rig move times. Indeed, with proper coordination and design, no connections need to be broken to move to a new hole.

NOV Ideal Rig Walker Features

  • Field hose connection kit is factory assembled, labeled, and tested with quick disconnects at console
  • Epoxy paint system standard to preserve the walking system
  • Mud boat lift option
  • AutoWalk and AutoLift option


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