Custom Oil and Gas Rigs

Custom-Built Drilling Rig Systems

Entro Industries has provided critical engineering design and support services for many custom drilling rigs for different markets throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, and the Middle East. These services have included conceptual design, mechanical engineering and drafting, design review, manufacturing, and rig up support services. Entro provides engineering design services for specialty rigs in extreme environments, and we have a long history of making our customers successful by providing simple solutions to complex drill rig moves.

Because oil fields are spread throughout the world, any new rig and drill plan presents unique design challenges for the structure, the equipment, the moving system, and the service buildings. Entro takes some or all of these different pieces and puts them together into a full system. Entro's scope can go from just the moving system to an entire rig, depending on the customer's ideas, requirements, and existing assets.

Entro's products which are typically integrated in oil drilling rig builds include axles, suspensions, walking systems, pipe handling equipment, structural design, hydraulic power units, jacking systems, hydraulically powered doors, access lifts, BOP elevators, control consoles, service modules, mud tanks, and much more.

Entro custom design services have helped our customers develop new concepts into successful rigs by providing project management, engineering, integration, and field support for all kinds of large structure moving projects.

Offshore XT Stack Handling System Under Construction for Early 2024

• In partnership with 3C Metal

• Safe Working Load of 120mT for XT Carrier System

• Ingenious Elevator Mechanism for Large XT Stacks

• Designed to Navigate Under Drill Floor Clearance Restrictions

• Time and Cost-Efficient Operations

• An Unbeatable Long-term Investment for Offshore Drilling


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