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Compact Oil Rig Walking Foot

Pushing the limits of compact design, the CompacJac drilling machine walking system still matches its bigger siblings in capability. Despite its size, it still employs a 24-inch travel stroke, the ability to travel in any direction, spin mode, 12 inches of lift stroke, a yaw spin assembly, roller alignment guide bars, and our standard lifting capacities. Importantly, it retains its roller, which creates less friction than a skidding system. Lower friction means better reliability with less wear and tear.

The CompacJac was originally designed to mount directly into the short substructure box of a drilling rig. Without CompacJac, a standard walker would have to be removed in a rig down scenario due to interferences with an elevator leg. Once installed, the CompacJac doesn't eat up valuable crane time. Because of its diminutive height of 38 inches for the 600,000-pound capacity version, the CompacJac can fit in virtually every drilling rig or large structure. Not only is it compatible with existing rigs, it is opening the door to new rig designs.


As a member of the King-Pin walker family, the CompacJac is available in our standard range of sizes from 340 to 900 kips per jack. It can be mounted in our full line of structural options, including the Pin-On, Pony-Sub, StrongBack, and Low Pro structures. Because of its short mounting height, it can fit in more varied structures than the regular King-Pin walker. It can be combined or interchanged with the rest of the King-Pin family.

The CompacJac walker is available with manual only control, wireless control, or AutoWalk and AutoLift. With AutoWalk and AutoLift, all functions of the walker are automatically and remotely controlled. This increases the safety of operation, since no one has to get near the system to make steering changes. Further, this increases walking speed dramatically since steering, lifting, and traveling are automated in a coordinated fashion.

As with all of our equipment, we are happy to customize the walker and the support structure to meet your needs and your projects.


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