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Entro custom heavy haul suspensions are custom built for some of the world’s most demanding applications. Features include reduced mounting height, hydraulic active lift, hydraulic and mechanical steering, and high strength alloys for greater mobility when moving the world’s largest loads. Entro-designed and manufactured suspensions are in use around the world, from Alaska to Africa and the Middle East.

Engineering Solutions

Entro evaluates each application for the best tire, wheel, axle, and suspension configuration to ensure that the customer has the most cost-effective solution. Entro provides vehicle stability review, validation, and installation services. Our suspensions can be used in applications ranging from low-speed, off-the-road to higher-speed, over-the-road. We have designed systems for off-road conditions from sand to ice. Because of the wide range of applications, all heavy haul suspensions are custom designed for best engineering performance and to ensure safe operation. Tire pressure monitoring systems are available as an option. Wireless control of active lift and steering is available as an option. We use custom heavy duty, extreme service tires as standard for the best life and load rating.

Entro’s suspension systems are available as bare axles or complete systems. Depending on use, they range in load rating from 100,000 to 800,000 pounds per axle. Total installed system capacities can reach into the millions of pounds.

Drilling Rigs

Entro’s largest suspensions have been installed on specialized drilling rigs for the North Slope of Alaska. Some of these rigs use multiple lines of axles in a trailer configuration, while others use a gooseneck mounting. These suspensions are used in pad-to-pad and hole-to-hole moves, increasing drilling efficiency in a competitive market. The Hilcorp Innovation rig uses an Entro King-Pin walker for faster, precise hole-to-hole moves, but uses the suspension system for fast, cross-field moves.


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