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Trailer Rebuild

Reviving a used trailer

In the middle of the CDR3 rig build program in 2015, Nabors Industries personnel determined that there was a need for a rig-support trailer for the main rig. The trailer would be used to move support buildings, including heavy mechanics shops and spare parts storage. An existing trailer that had not been in service in many years was thought to be a suitable candidate for the job. In December of 2015, the trailer was hauled from the North Slope of Alaska to the Entro fabrication facility, where it was evaluated. Material testing was done to determine frame strength, and then a full structural review was completed. The trailer was disassembled, sandblasted, and upgraded with structural reinforcements. The trailer was then repainted and reassembled with new hydraulics, tires, and wheels, and shipped to the CDR3 rig-up site in Vancouver, Washington, where it was loaded with the support buildings and shipped back to the North Slope of Alaska with the CDR3 rig.