Material Handling
pipe handling
Elevators, Lifts and Doors

High-capacity lifting solutions

Entro designs custom hydraulic material handling elevators and lifts, both for traditional and specialty applications. Entro has several styles of mechanisms including scissor lifts, linear elevators, jacking systems, and hoisting systems. Lift capacity ranges from hundreds to millions of pounds. Lift stroke depends on the applications and mechanism style, but extends to multi-floor lifts.

Entro has designs for powered doors, either standalone or integrated with our elevators and lifts. When designed together, the doors and lifts can be controlled together for simple and safe operation. Our best examples of integrated doors and lifts is on our custom drilling rigs.

With years of design expertise, Entro can design other mechanisms for heavy material handling.

Additional Options

Entro's hydraulic power units and control consoles are available in a range of sizes and layouts appropriate for all of our (and many other) elevator and lift products. Entro's Autolift control system can be integrated into all jacking, lifting, and hoisting systems. Elevators with tilting and turntable tops are available. Other mechanisms and features can be engineered and built with the customer's intent and industry in mind.


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