Walking systems, or "walkers" are machines that move very large loads, very precisely, in any direction. Walking draglines were some of the earliest machines to utilize walking systems to allow the enormous machines to move. Walkers go through a basic cycle similar to how a person walks.

The walker operator controls hydraulic valves that control the operation of the walking machine. Entro Walking Systems use hydraulic jacks, travel cylinders, and roller chain load skates on a steel foot to move exceptionally large loads one step at a time. First you move the feet in the direction that you want to travel. Then you actuate the lift cylinders to lift the load up onto the feet. After lifting the load onto the walking feet, you actuate the travel mechanism to move forward on top of the feet. When you reach the end of the foot, you stop the travel mechanism, and then lower the jacks to set down the load and lift the lift feet up off of the ground. Once the feet are unloaded again, the travel mechanism is used to move the feet forward for another step to repeat the cycle.

Entro has been designing walking systems for over 20 years. Our patented walking machines have been used on hundreds of structures, with loads from 50,000 pounds to well in excess of 12 million pounds.


The walking machinery is the heart of the system and includes all of the moving parts, from the jack down to the foot. Different types of walking machinery are suited to different applications, and Entro can help you find the system that is best for your application.