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Low Pro Walkers

Lower height, more maneuverability

Entro Low Pro walkers are specialized Pony-Sub Walkers designed to be used with single-piece substructures with below-grade well completions. The Low Pro walkers allow the drilling contractor to move not only a substructure with full setback, but also the water tank and mud tanks as well. This allows movement without requiring rig down.

The Low Pro is fabricated from short, wide-flange beams with jack frame weldments in key locations. Where the jacks are located will vary, depending on the geometry of the rig or load.

The Entro Low Pro Walker is custom-engineered to fit your requirements for any rig move. Because the main beams are so short – as low as 14 inches – all modules can be placed without the use of cranes. All hydraulic hoses and piping are factory assembled, labeled, and tested with quick disconnects at the console for fast preparation for installation.

When using King-Pin and X-Swing walking feet, the Low Pro Pony-Sub can move in any direction, as well as spin the oil rig in place. You can maximize your walking potential while minimizing the height of the structure.

Safety is always the priority with any Entro walking system, and the Low Pro is no exception. With low ground-bearing pressures under the walking foot, a wireless remote control with manual backup, and a spare remote included as standard, the Low Pro walking system's design keeps the operator and crew safe during oil rig moves.

Low Pro Construction Walkers

The Low Pro is suited for the construction environment to walk heavy cranes, large buildings or modules, or materials, all at an extremely low mounting height. Pound for pound in lifting capacity, walking systems are much cheaper than Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) or other custom trailers. They can be used when the use of an entire fleet of SPMTs is excessive to move around the job site. Low Pro walkers can be adapted to construction without modifying the original equipment or loads. For example, the Low Pro frame can directly replace or integrate into the skids of a ring crane and maintain the same height.

Low Pro Walking System Features

  • System can be customized at customer request
  • Can be used as a direct replacement for skidding systems
  • Much shorter height than SPMT solutions


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