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Control Consoles

Manual, Wireless, and Automated Hydraulic Controls

Entro builds control consoles for all of our machinery. Our control consoles can vary widely, from manual handle control only to automated motions based on sensor data. Wireless remote controllers are a popular added feature due to the increased safety, flexibility and visibility. With all automated options, manual control is available as a backup.

Mounting Options

Our consoles have several options for mounting. We have removable or permanent options. First is a removable, stand-alone console which can be placed next to a hydraulic system on site. This is typically mounted to a skid with forklift pockets and lifting lugs for handling. The permanent and semi-permanent options are bolted, welded or hook-on consoles. The placement of the consoles is carefully considered for best visibility of the machinery, safety of the operator and convenience of the hookups.

Standard Features

Our standard control console electric panels are rated IP67, and are available in explosion-proof ratings. You can inquire about other standards of rating, and we can supply a compliant design. Quick disconnects are typical for removable or semi-permanent consoles. Color coding is standard on quick disconnects where safe operation depends on proper installation. All of our systems are available with operating pressures up to 10,000 psi. All systems are fully tested prior to shipping to ensure that each system works properly in its entirety before leaving the factory, ensuring quality and efficient installation.


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