Heavy Haul
Hitch- wheeler
Heavy Haul Jeeps

Entro Heavy Haul, load-dividing Jeeps

Custom built for some of the most demanding applications, Entro jeeps are used for moving multi-million pound trailers with pull trucks that need additional King-Pin capacity. The available split axle walking beam allows greater articulation while reducing stress on the axles and jeep frame making our custom-designed heavy haul rolling gear mobile, safe, and durable. The jeeps can be custom configured to fit specific requirements for any heavy haul project.

The front loading hitch allows the pull-truck to easily connect and disconnect from the rig using a standard truck winch. The custom extreme-duty axles and wheels, along with the simple, redundant locking jaws on the custom 5th wheel plate maintain the durability of the trailer, along with the safety of the crew, during large rig moves.