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Pony-Sub Walkers

Retrofitting and Modification

Entro Walking Machines can be factory installed into new Entro Pony-Subs, or can be custom engineered to retrofit into existing rigs.

The 4J3500KP Pony-Sub Walking system is designed to efficiently mobilize land-based, box-on-box drilling rigs for hole-to-hole rig moves. The Entro system fits large walking feet into existing sub designs and still maintains the ability to move in any direction.

The King-Pin connection between the foot and track allows the operator to steer in any direction, as well as spin rig in a circle about a single point.

The Pony-Sub Walking system also includes simple, wireless controls that are easy to use and keep the operator out of harms way. The self-supporting rig-up spreaders can also be deployed without machinery and stow on the side of the box during shipment.

Like all of Entro's walking systems, the Pony-Sub was designed with an emphasis on safety. With low ground bearing pressure and hydraulic hoses and piping that are factory assembled, labeled, and tested with quick disconnects, the Entro Pony-Sub Walker minimizes risk to operator and crew during large structure moves.

Customization and Features

  • System can be customized at customer request
  • Epoxy paint system standard to maintain durability of the drill walker
  • Includes wireless remote control with back up, and a manual back up