April 2016 – Entro Industries’ Custom CDR3 Rig Project Ahead of Schedule, Planned Deployment during Summer 2016

CALGARY, Alberta & HILLSBORO, Ore. – June 8, 2016 – Engineering and manufacturing specialists, Entro Industries, today announced from the Global Petroleum Show that the Nabors CDR3 drilling rig is scheduled for completion ahead of schedule and planned to deploy during this summer. Entro was awarded the design build contract for the CDR3 rig in Q1 of 2015 and the project has been under development since.

“Having previously worked with Nabors and ConocoPhillips Alaska for their CDR2 rig, we knew what challenges would exist given the severe environmental conditions that are faced in that part of the country,” said Harlan Smith, chief engineer of Entro. “That knowledge is just one of the many reasons this project has run smoothly and is ahead of schedule.”

The new rig will join ConocoPhillips’ fleet on the North Slope in Alaska which includes its sister rig, CDR2, which has been in operation since 2009.

“Being part of these North Slope projects is extremely rewarding,” said Shawn Smith, president of Entro. “We anticipate continued success in the future with our partnership with Nabors for ConocoPhillips.”

Attendees of the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta are invited to stop by the Entro booth (#7529) to learn more about the newest additions to Entro’s industry leading solutions for the oil industry.

For more information visit the newly revamped Entro website at www.entro-eng.com or email info@entro-eng.com

About Entro Industries
Entro Industries has over 55 years of design and manufacturing experience in the oil industry, providing simple solutions to complex engineering and manufacturing problems. Entro’s expertise is in the areas of conceptual design and feasibility studies, mechanical and structural design, engineering and drafting support, third party engineering review and risk assessment.