April 2016 – Entro Industries Introduces New Heavy Haul Equipment and Super Stomper Walker to Oil Industry at Global Petroleum Show 2016

CALGARY, Alberta & HILLSBORO, Ore. – June 7, 2016 – Engineering and manufacturing specialists, Entro Industries, today announced from the Global Petroleum Show the immediate availability of the Super Stomper, the next generation of the Entro King-Pin walker design. In addition to the Super Stomper, Entro has also announced the availability of their latest line of heavy haul equipment for the most demanding oil industry applications.

“Entro’s full line of heavy haul equipment, walking systems and pipe handling machinery are currently in use throughout the world. The Entro team has worked tirelessly to ensure we are rolling out the most innovative designs in the industry and I would like to thank each and every one of them, from the engineers to the fabrication team, for their efforts,” said Shawn Smith, president of Entro.

The newest generation of Entro’s King-Pin walkers, the Super Stomper, allows multiple jack cylinders to operate over a single large walking foot, which allows the rig to operate at much lower ground bearing pressures than competing designs available in the market today. Entro’s Super Stomper also allows the drilling rig to operate over soft ground while still allowing the rig to move in any direction.

Entro heavy haul jeeps provide additional capacity for pull trucks to move million pound trailers. With the available split-axle walking beam, the heavy haul jeeps are capable of greater articulation while reducing stress on the axles and frame.

Before being deployed in the field, each application of Entro’s heavy haul suspension is evaluated so that the best tire, wheel, axle and suspension configuration can be utilized by the customer, making it highly cost effective. Entro heavy haul trailers are also customizable and available in towed and self-propelled propulsion options.

Entro’s patented heavy haul jeeps, suspensions and trailers have been specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of oilfield applications in even the severest of environments. Each of Entro’s patent-pending heavy haul designs is also fully customizable.

Entro has also been building custom pipe handling equipment for specialty projects. The new pipe handling machinery includes loader interface systems, pipe elevators, scissor lifts, hydraulic catwalks, hydraulic pipe racking systems and pipe sheds. The custom engineered machinery is designed to allow workers to safely and efficiently handle drill pipe and tubulars, increasing overall project safety and productivity.

Attendees of the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta are invited to stop by the Entro booth (#7529) to learn more about the newest additions to Entro’s industry leading solutions for the oil industry.

For more information visit the newly revamped Entro website at www.entro-eng.com or email info@entro-eng.com

About Entro Industries
Entro Industries has over 55 years of design and manufacturing experience in the oil industry, providing simple solutions to complex engineering and manufacturing problems. Entro’s expertise is in the areas of conceptual design and feasibility studies, mechanical and structural design, engineering and drafting support, third party engineering review and risk assessment.