September 2018 – Entro Industries Adds Two New Walking Feet to Roster.

Immediate availability of X-Swing and CompacJac announced, as well as new AutoWalk Control System.

HILLSBORO, Ore. – September 17, 2018 – Engineering and manufacturing specialists, Entro Industries, today announced the immediate availability two new additions to its King-Pin walking foot family: the new X-Swing walking foot and the CompacJac walking foot. In addition to the new walking feet, Entro has also announced that its new AutoWalk and AutoLift Control System is live and in the field.

“The expansion of the King-Pin family of walking feet to include the X-Swing and CompacJac is a culmination of decades of engineering experience and careful observation of which leading edge technologies are needed by drilling rig operators looking to improve their safety and efficiencies,” said Shawn Smith, president of Entro.

The X-Swing

Entro’s X-Swing boasts doubled walking speed with its 48″ distance per step and a cycle time of 50 seconds, as well as the ability to move in any direction, at any time and to change direction under load. Precision control is made possible with the new AutoWalk Control System, further reducing total move time.

In addition to its speed and exceptional range of motion and control, the X-Swing has an extensive array of customizable rig mounting options. Its low profile and affordability puts the X-Swing in a class of its own.

“We’ve leveraged more than seven years of experience and success with our King-Pin Walking System to make certain the X-Swing’s features are unmatched in the industry,” said Smith. “Extensive preparation has gone in to making sure the X-Swing is ready for market.”

The CompacJac

Entro’s new CompacJac pushes the limits of compact design at just 38 inches tall, while still matching the capability of its larger siblings in the King-Pin family. Despite its small size, it features a 24″ travel stroke, the ability to travel in any direction, spin mode and a 12″ lift stroke. These features coupled with the fact that it is nearly 22 inches shorter than a standard Entro jack assembly of the same capacity means that the CompacJac is uniquely positioned to open the door to new oil rig designs.

“Being able to offer the most compact foot available in the industry is not only a testament to our team’s engineering capabilities but also their forethought to put to market a walking foot that will lead to new rig designs that take advantage of its compact size and full capabilities,” said Smith.

AutoWalk and AutoLift

The patented AutoWalk Control System allows operators more intuitive control of their machine because they are be able to make live corrections as the rig is in motion, not just while the rig is stationary. Improved operator efficiency and enhanced flexibility translates to faster walking and faster, safer, more precise lifts. Its 1,500-foot range wireless controllers means that operators are able to keep a safe distance during moves.

“AutoWalk expands upon the features available with its precursor AutoSteer to coordinate the jacking, traveling and steering of our King-Pin walking feet,” said Smith. “AutoWalk is currently in operation with 23 rigs around the world and has been optimized to work in challenging conditions.”

The AutoWalk and AutoLift Control System decreases effective cycle time and is able to level within 1/8″ accuracy. In addition, the system can still be operated manually in the unlikely event of a control system failure.

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